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Platinum Wedding Anniversary - 2 kg silver coin with 70 diamonds

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HYT Code: 11700211

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Product Description


Achieving a Platinum wedding anniversary is an incredible feat and, in order to celebrate the Royal Couples milestone, Pobjoy Mint has produced one of our largest coins to date. With a weight of 70oz, this coin would make a beautiful centrepiece to any numismatic collection. Production is technically very demanding and each piece has been encrusted with 70 Diamonds (Total Weight of 1 Carat). Spot gold plating has been used to highlight certain pieces of jewellery. Each coin is hand finished in-house by our master craftsman and many hours are spent finishing each coin due to the fine attention to detail. Pobjoy Mint has received exclusive approval from HM Queen Elizabeth to feature a dual-effigy of herself and HRH Prince Philip together. We are incredibly excited to have this permission as it is the first time that this portrait has ever been used on a coin! This issue limit of this coin is just 70 pieces and each one will be accompanied with a matching numbered certificate to prove its authenticity. The State Opening of Parliament is a formal occasion which marks the beginning of a parliamentary session or after a general election. It is an elaborate ceremony which showcases British History, culture and politics during which The Queen wears the Parliament Robe of State and the Imperial State crown with all accompanying regalia. For over 500 years the Opening of Parliament has symbolised the unity of the Sovereign, the House of Lords & the House of Commons. HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip have had an astonishing life together and have dedicated their lives to the duty of monarchy. The couple first met at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth in 1939 when the Queen was just 13- years-old, and began exchanging letters before eventually becoming formally engaged in 1947, following the Queens 21st birthday. The royal pair married later in the same year and in November this year will celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary. The Monarch was crowned just five years after their wedding following the death of her father King George VI, who died aged only 56, and although the transition changed their lives forever the couple have always approached their royal duties with a sense of humour and affection for each other that, over the decades, is testament to their enduring love.

Additional Information

HYT Code 11700211
Video URL No
Weight (gm) 2177.00
Country of Issue No
Year of issue 2017
Quality Proof
Size (mm) 130.00
Minted by Pobjoy Mint
Mintage 70
Face Value 70 Crown
Metal No
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