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Seven Elephants

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HYT Code: 11600068

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Product Description


This is a unique collection of seven intricate amulets of luck! Fine silver a lunar metal stands for sincerity of intensions and openness of heart. Each coin is offered in an elegant presentation case for safekeeping and beautiful exposition. great gift idea pride of your collection meticulous attention to detail intricate embellishments elegant presentation case decorated with popular symbols of luck MULTIPLY YOUR LUCK SEVEN TIMES! The leaves of a four-leaf clover are said to stand for luck, faith, hope and love. A lucky holder of this little treasure can expect sevenfold good fortune! Lucky horseshoe with its ends pointing upwards acts like a little storage container for any good luck that is floating by. Fill your life with good fortune, too! An elephant pointing its trunk upwards stands for serenity, wisdom, good luck and victory. It will shower you with good fortune wherever you go! In the philosophy of Feng Shui, a turtle symbolizes longevity, wisdom and stability. It will bring good luck and prosperity to your home. Who knows, maybe the goldfish will fulfill your three wishes, too? A bull stands for reliability and strength. It is a symbol of fulfilling life and stable, balanced relationships. It will bring you prosperity not only in finance and investment!

Additional Information

HYT Code 11600068
Video URL No
Weight (gm) 14.14
Country of Issue Republic of Cameroon
Year of issue 2016
Quality Proof
Size (mm) 32.00
Minted by Mint of Poland
Mintage 2,222
Face Value 500 Francs CFA
Metal No
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