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Our story

Since forever, coins have been of great value to knowledge seekers, time keepers and all those who have in them - the spirit to explore.

Head Ya Tail was established with the fervour of strengthening in India the passion of treasuring timeless collectibles. A passionate and amateur collector – Rohit – the founder of Head Ya Tail asserts, “So far in our country, coin & stamp memorabilia is predominantly limited to those issued in India and antiques”.

Head Ya Tail primarily deals in modern commemorative coins from across the globe having universal themes. These coins are produced with cutting-edge technologies like Smart-minting, Laser cutting, etc with utmost precision and comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity.” We, at Head Ya Tail, take immense pleasure in bringing the opportunity to explore a whole new range of award winning coins with various shapes like Egg, Cuboid, Mountain, etc and precious gems like Diamonds, Pearls, etc from international mints like Coin Invest Trust, New Zealand Mint, the Perth Mint, Mint of Poland to name a few. These beautifully crafted coins are not just a prized possession for the collectors but can also be a great Alternative Investment*, gifting option or can be worn like exquisite jewellery.

One can also get a glimpse of these wonderful pieces of art in Mumbai with prior appointments.

At Head Ya Tail, we strive to establish a relationship with you which is as timeless and authentic as our products!